Time for a simple drink today – its the sweeter and more healthful version of a Captain & Coke.  Nothing like a little bit of Vitamin C while you drink.  I feel like I should say something whitty about OJ Simpson, but he stabs people, so I think I will refrain… although that could lead to a phenomenol civil settlement, even if he’s “innocent”.  Let’s bring Judge Ito out of retirement.

On to the drinking.

  • 1.5+ ounces Captain Morgan
  • 4-6 ounces orange juice

Pour everthing in a rocks glass over ice, stir and serve.

Dave’s Thoughts:

  • Not a combination that seems obvious, but this drink is a treat – an orange creamsicle!
  • Not sure why, but the vanilla from the Captain Morgan and the orange juice are a fantastic combo!
  • Sweet, fun and alcoholic version of the ice cream truck!

Tasting Notes:

  • Dave’s Rating: 8/10
  • Strength: 4/10
  • Sweetness: 7/10
  • This is a fine alternative to a screwdriver.